Alta Alpina Challenge: Riding the Wild Sierra
Ride Planner

To help us assist every participant in achieving their personal goal we recommend that you use this Ride Planner before registering. The Ride Planner can help you design a ride that you can complete within the time limits. To find out about a particular ride option, check the boxes for the course destinations you'd like to visit then click the "Calculate" button at the bottom of the page. To get a prediction of your time to complete the ride you've selected, provide estimated riding speeds and/or your time on a known course and the click the "Calculate" button. For additional assistance in picking the perfect ride, please contact our ride consultant.

You may wish to refer to a course map or profile as you explore your options:

Build Your Own Challenge Map8 Pass Challenge Map
Build Your Own Challenge Profile8 Pass Challenge Profile

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Kingsbury: Blue lakes: All 8:
Luther Pass: Monitor West: Ebbetts East:
Carson Pass: Monitor East (Topaz): Ebbetts West (Hermit Valley):
Diamond Valley School(7 miles): Firestation (17 miles): Tall Tree (27 miles):

Plan using estimated speeds and rest times (optional)
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Avg Rest Stop(mins): Lunch Stop(mins):

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