August 27, 2004


To all members, administrators and general well wishers of the Reno Wheelmen and Alta Alpina Cycling Clubs:


As a member of the junior team, I cannot express to you all how invaluable your support has been to us throughout the duration of the summer. From the folks at AACC, we have received everything from tires, tubes and sports nutrition products to complete bicycles and a fully funded trip to the San Jose Velodrome. As well, each club graciously waived our racing fees for their summer twilight series. Every single contribution gave great encouragement to older racers such as my self in addition to allowing younger riders a fabulous opportunity they otherwise would not have had for a simple lack of equipment. This willingness on each clubís part to contribute direct financial aid to the juniorís success has without a doubt provided a crucial framework for the growth of the team and its continuing progress.


The other juniors and I have reaped tremendous benefits not only from this extremely generous material support, but also from the strong moral support from riders and administrators alike. At every race, older riders made wonderful efforts to greet, cheer on and congratulate the junior team, and the resulting atmosphere brought many more juniors to the evening races. At no race or training ride have I seen any junior overlooked or obscured in any way, and this positive attention has certainly drawn many young cyclists including myself to the camaraderie and competitive decorum of the sport.


For all of these efforts and more, I thank everyone for their belief in and dedication to the active promotion of our sport to the next generation of cyclists. This summerís junior team is absolute proof that with consistent financial and moral support, the sport can spread and grow in ways guaranteed to enrich us all. I would like to personally thank Mel Maalouf and Dana Lookadoo for donating their valuable time and energy to coach the junior team. Their experience and positive attitudes are the quintessence of effective mentoring. As well, both Troy Walters and Mike Hernandez deserve special thanks for all of their hard work putting on the races that we all looked forward to each week. Thank you all for rooting for the juniors and giving us the chance to come together as a team to do our best. I hope that this wonderful program continues long into the future so that others may have the same incredible opportunity Iíve had as a junior to enjoy the sport.



Andrew Pederson